Powdered alcohol ban now covers 31 US states

Source: The Spirits Business

by Melita Kiely

Powdered alcohol has now been outlawed in 31 US states and California legislators are hoping to become the latest addition to the list.

Alcohol Justice reported 31 states have now legislated or regulated total bans on powdered alcohol and the California Assembly unanimously passed AB1554 this week in a bid to do the same.

“We hope California will be state number 32 to ‘just say no’ to another stupid alcohol product that will appeal to kids,” said Bruce Lee Livingston, executive director and CEO of Alcohol Justice.

“Now that both California bills banning powdered alcohol have passed their house of origin, we expect them to sail forward, combine and get to governor Brown for a quick signature.”

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) approved the sale of powdered alcohol brand Palcohol in the US in March 2015.

The brand has found itself in the midst of controversy, but its founder Mark Phillips has always strongly refuted accusations and defended the product.

Livingston added: “We continue to agree with New York Senator Chuck Schumer who said Palcohol will become the ‘Kool-Aid’ of teenage binge drinking and will lead to acute alcohol poisoning and death.

 “We are grateful to the states that have placed public health and safety above commerce.

“We will continue to encourage elected leaders in states that have yet to take action to do so to keep the powdered alcohol threat out of their states as well.”