Established in 1973, GADA is a professional, statewide trade association
which represents the interest of Georgia’s retail package liquor dealers.


The Association is governed by (1) over 500 Member Liquor Store Owners who established and approved the guidelines which formulate GADA’s Constitution & By-Laws and by Majority Vote of the Membership on Controversial Issues and (2) the Criteria of the Constitution & By-Laws that are executed by a Sixteen Person Board of Directors, consisting of member store owners. The Directors are elected by fellow members at local district levels.

The 8 Districts are determined by an equal apportionment of members. This process divides the state into 8 sections (consisting of counties) with as equal a number of members in each District as possible. Each District has approximately 65 members. In addition to two (2) Directors, each District may also elect an Alternate, bringing the total leadership to 24 elected, non-salaried, liquor retailers.

This Board of Directors then elects an Executive Committee which consists of six (6) Constitutional Officers. These six (6) officers may serve no more than two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms in the same office. When establishing positions and directions on controversial issues, the Board is guided by member involvement and membership votes by way of member surveys and studies. The Board relies consistently and solely upon Majority Rule of the Membership.


GADA operates as a non-profit corporation solely on funds derived from membership dues.

The Association operates on the basis of an annual line-item budget approved by the Board of Directors.

An outside accounting firm is on a monthly retainer to GADA for the purpose of preparing a detailed Quarterly Line-Item Budget and Expenditure Report and Quarterly Tax Reports. GADA’s outstanding obligations and taxes are paid timely and are current.

While office assets average $25,000.00, the overall value of the Association to Georgia’s independent package store owner is priceless.


GADA’s staff consists of four (4) employees who function in the following capacities:

  1. Executive Director: Lobbyist, Legal & Regulatory Specialist, Industry Affairs Representative, Government & Public Relations Director, and Advisor to the Board of Directors.
  2. Assistant Director: Lobbyist; Membership Sales & Service; Member Liaison for Group Programming, including Group Property, Casualty, Crime and Workers’ Compensation insurance; Group Credit Card Processing Program, and GADA’s Business and Real Estate Sales Division.
  3. Executive Assistant: Administration, Communications, Research, Meeting, Coordinator, Political Action Committee Administration, and Newsletter Editor.
  4. Office Manager: Secretarial, Clerical, Recordkeeping, and Receptionist.

The GADA staff and office personnel are trade association professionals with no financial connections or interest in any alcohol beverage outlet or license.

GADA’s Primary Mission

The Things We Have to Protect:

  1. The two-store limitation law.
  2. Exclusivity of package liquor in package liquor stores.
  3. The Three-Tier system.
  4. The “independent” retail system of distribution.
  5. The 500 Yard Distance law.
  6. Three separate laws prohibiting selling beer, wine & liquor below cost.
  7. The 35% Petition Requirement for “Wet” or “Dry” Package Liquor Referendums.
  8. The state-set “ceiling” on local license fees.
  9. The state-set “ceiling” on local excise taxes.
  10. Retail vendor compensation on collection of state sales taxes.
  11. The state “narrow exposure” liquor liability law.
  12. A strong legislative presence and program.
  13. A good working relationship with the State Revenue Department.
  14. A good working relationship with the Departments of Banking, Agriculture, Human Resources, Public Safety, the Georgia Lottery, and the Governor’s Office.
  15. A good, but strong, image.
  16. The “foundation” of our Political Action Committee.
  17. Our Group Property-Casualty, Crime and Workers’ Comp Insurance Programs.
  18. Our Group Credit Card Program.
  19. Our Group ATM Program.
  20. Strong leadership on the Board of Directors.
  21. The overall best interest of each Member.

And Protect Against:

  1. Increases in State Excise Taxes – often proposed.
  2. Drastic Increases in State Liquor License Fees.
  3. Passage of $.05 deposit on all bottles, and mandatory redemption centers.
  4. Home Delivery of Beer, Wine, or Liquor.
  5. Passage of any adverse laws or regulations, such as:
    • The requirement to ID all purchasers, regardless of age.
    • Bottle deposit legislation.
    • Complete Manufacturer and/or Wholesaler Domination.
    • Incremental losses which would facilitate inclusion of distilled spirits in chain stores
    • and more!

The total objective of GADA is to protect the integrity of the independently owned package liquor store owner in Georgia!